Welcome to 2016

Happy New Year!

In the past year, I switched jobs, took a two and a half month summer, and was more diligent with becoming the person I want to be. All in all, I think I proved to myself that I’m not too old to reinvent myself. My main readers are family members, so I know they’re laughing because I’m the youngest in my family! 🙂

Truth be told, I have the same “New Year’s Resolutions” this year as I did last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, and so on. It’s a broken record! Really, I think it shows that it’s important to stay involved in your life and be the driver. I took a backseat for a lot of years because I didn’t realize how much power I hold over decisions. I liked to think that my goals would simply eventually happen. All gain and no pain – that’s not the way life works.

A few posts ago, I wrote about the “Anytime Resolution.” I am still a fan of this concept because inevitably, we all fall off the horse with goals throughout the year, and it sets us up to hop right back on. Given it’s the new year now, I’ll go ahead and take advantage of the fresh start. And eventually when I lose sight of my goals, I’ll restart with the Anytime Resolution. 😉

For blogging, I stopped writing consistently. This is partly because I began a new job and had less free time, partly because I got a little worried about publicly stating thoughts on the Internet, and mostly because I didn’t have a good sense of what I want to accomplish with this blog besides writing better. After a lot of consideration, I DO want to keep writing on here, and I want to have more focus on here.

This is my idea: since I have a lot of goals under the umbrella of overall becoming the person I want to be, I thought I would have a different goal each month about which I write. Throughout that month, I will try out one to several apps or websites or books that can help me achieve the goal. I’ll review them and write about my progress. Hopefully, this format still gives me the flexibility to write about me (because let’s face it, this ain’t the year I stop being so self-involved 😉 ), but also gives my readers more buy-in to what my goals are. I really do think that I’m not alone in a lot of my goals and especially my struggle to stay motivated with goals, and I’d love to establish a better relationship with YOU on here. This way, you may be able to relate more to what I’m writing, try out some of the things I’m trying out, and comment with your own reviews and whether you have any recommendations for me!

This means I’m also asking you to be more involved if you like reading my blog (which I hope you do!).  Comment and let me know your thoughts throughout the year, especially if you’re really passionate or not really passionate about something I write.

Here are some of the Monthly Novel Goals I am considering:

  • Cooking/Recipes/Healthy Eating
  • Fitness
  • Languages
  • Project Management Professional/Professional Development
  • Brain Puzzles
  • Comedy/Wittiness
  • Woodworking**

Given that’s at least six rather broad topics in no particular order right off the bat, maybe I’ll keep to this list for now and expand later or touch all/some of these topics twice. Let me know if you have any ideas! Odds are it’s something I’d be happy to try out.

Happy New Year!  Here’s to celebrating our accomplishments in 2015 and continuing forward with resolutions in 2016!


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