The Tree That Killed A Prius

Do you ever think that karma gives you a second chance?  Maybe you did something a little wicked, almost had negative repercussions, and ultimately were able to learn your lesson to avoid something worse happening in the future?  It’s almost like the universe is throwing you a bone – “Hey, man, we all have those days where we’re just a little extra selfish and a little extra preoccupied.  I get it. Don’t sweat it. Don’t do it again.”

Today may have been one of those days. I had a pretty nagging earache that I finally got checked out by a doctor in the late morning.  I’m fine, and it was only a bad case of swimmers’ ear. When I returned back to work, I noticed that one of the parking spots nearest to the building became available. We do not have assigned parking, but I always feel a twinge guilty when I steal someone’s spot as they head out to lunch. Is that okay to do? I always figure if I don’t steal it, then someone else will! 🙂

About an hour later, panic spreads throughout the office. A tree has fallen in the parking lot.  How could this be?!? It wasn’t even a particularly windy day! It just so happens that this tree landed in the parking spot adjacent to where my car was parked. And of all the cars to land on, it falls onto a red Prius, the most environmentally-friendly car in the lot! There was a black mustang convertible parked right next to the Prius on the other side, so maybe the tree had poor aim? Or maybe the tree intended to give the car a great, big hug, and we simply have different interpretations of “totaled” and “hug”. Regardless, this tall pine that was just five feet too long took out a good three cars, with the Prius bearing the brunt of the force.

Luckily, nobody was near the tree when it landed, and everyone is okay. Plus, my manager who owns the Prius handled the situation well and found the irony funny.

And it got me thinking about karma! Was the force sending me a message? (Yes, I DID just throw a Star Wars reference in here, thank you very much). My car was barely even touched, and I was able to buff out the two minor scratches I could find.

Steal not your coworkers’ parking spots.

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