Whole30 Wrap-Up

Happy Valentine’s Day! <3
Novel Attitude: I made it 30 days clean eating! 🙂 Now, can I do it again? To be determined…

I am behind in blogging, but I promise I have a good reason! 🙂 My boyfriend and I moved into a beautiful house together, so we have been busy packing, moving, and unpacking the past few weeks. We have my entire apartment to go, and then we will be all moved in by next weekend!

Our new house! This picture shows the open living and dining room layout feeding into the kitchen and front foray. We love the openness and the hardwood floors!
Our new house! This picture shows the open living and dining room layout feeding into the kitchen and front foray. We love the openness and the hardwood floors!

I’ve been meaning to write a wrap-up for my Whole30 Take 4. I’m only about five days late in posting this, so it is still fresh enough in my mind. Overall, I probably lost about 4-5 pounds the past 30 days. I have mixed reviews about this trial. While cutting dairy, alcohol, and carbs may help me drop weight quickly, I actually experienced pretty big losses in energy. 🙁 This is actually good to know and still shows that Whole30 was fruitful (pun intended).

Whole30 is meant to be an experiment on yourself. Eat clean for 30 days straight and slowly reintroduce food groups back into your diet to understand how your body reacts. I always struggle with the reintroduction (I’ve eaten pizza, chocolate cake, pasta, and chicken bacon wraps since Wednesday). However, I had some realizations during the process. I either did not manage my caloric intake well throughout the day, or I lacked energy due to not eating carbs. I think it’s a combination of both. Fruit and veggies were the most carb-dense food I ate, and I upped my fruit intake drastically to make up for loss of other sweeteners. I think this was a mistake. While fruit is delicious and relatively healthy, I ate it early in the morning or as a snack between long periods without meals. Fruit is not substantial enough to eat as a snack or breakfast unless you have another full meal planned within a relatively close time period. It’s a quick boost from sugar and then downhill drop. I also ended up eating A LOT of peanut butter – as a snack and as a dessert. Peanut butter coupled with apple slices was a great snack for me – the protein offset the carb high, so later in the afternoon, this was filling for me. But peanut butter as a dessert close to bedtime was just packing on unnecessary calories right before sleep. This confused my body. I think it even prevented extra weight loss because I’ve heard that your body actually loses weight while sleeping. The big thing to remember is that peanut butter is delicious but extremely fattening. It’s great in moderation, but I was bordering on four tablespoons of peanut butter at least five times a week! Keep in mind that these are the realizations from my personal experiment. What have you discovered with healthy eating tips, tricks, and realizations?


I took photos of meal preparation over the past few weeks with the intent to write about them, but I think I’ll post some photos with quick descriptions. I had various successes and experiments. I’m still trying to find the best paleo breakfast – if you have a suggestion, please let me know! Eggs, bacon and potatoes were too high in calories and too much protein, despite how much I would love to eat that combo for every single meal…

Bacon and Jalapeño Frittata

Unsuccessful flourless egg quiche. The flavor was okay, but I used way too much almond milk. It would have turned out better with a denser texture and added crunch. After checking a few other recipes, it looks like frying all ingredients on stovetop before transferring to oven may help with overall cooking process.

Quiche Makings


Turkey Patties

I loosely based my recipe from a NYT article. In reality, my dad makes amazing bun-less Italian-seasoning hamburgers with fresh herbs and vegetables from his garden. I had a hankering for this and tried recreating. I was not quite as successful, but overall this recipe gets a huge thumbs up.

Mixed herbs and veggies

Italian Seasoned Turkey Patties

Italian Herbs Turkey Patties

Baked Chicken Wings

I’ve been trying to perfect baked chicken wings because my boyfriend and I are huge fans of Buffalo Wild Wings. Every now and then, that’s totally fine, but those are fried with a ton of sauce. These chicken wings are slightly healthier because they are baked and unbreaded. The spice rub recipe was DELICIOUS, and I used a Paprika Garlic Chicken recipe for cooking instructions. These were two HUGE thumbs up. Definitely boyfriend-approved. I believe the trick is heating up the mixture before you apply to chicken.

Chicken Wings

Chicken wing seasonings

Baked chicken wings

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    1. Thank you! No furniture yet, but we’re working on it! I agree about 2016! high school was almost 10 years ago, and it’s actually starting to become believable that much time has passed…

  1. Congrats on making the big move to move in together! What great news to hear on Valentine’s day. My husband and I went to wild buffalo wings for a snack and I had my favorite garlic parm wings. I’m going to have to try your recipe now. Keep on blogging!! ☺

    1. Thank you! The garlic Parmesan wings at Buffalo Wild Wings are my absolute favorite! 🙂 good taste! 😉 I haven’t figured out a “healthy” way to make those yet!

  2. P.s I absolutely love the open floor plan and hardwood floors! You also have great taste. I agree that 2016 is looking to be a great year for you! My husband got me a Fitbit for Christmas and it keeps me motivated to get at least 10,000 steps in.

  3. Congratulations on moving, from your picture it looks beautiful and so big! I feel the same way about completely giving up carbs. I can do it for a day or so but I need to have carbs every few days or my body is just exhausted! As long as you stick to whole grain you’ll be fine, and Ezekial bread is another good alternative. The cinnamon raison one is delicious! Also, you should look into the 21 day fix! I really enjoy it because they don’t make you cut things completely out of your diet, it more is teaching you portion size and moderation. Good luck!



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