The Snow Cone Truck

Today, I woke up at 6:30am, went on a long walk with the dog, cleaned the kitchen, and went to the gym. Then (with much encouragement from my boyfriend), I mowed the lawn. All this sounds pretty good, right?  Like maybe, today was a really good “adulting “day!

Just when you start to think I may finally be an adult at the ripe age of 27, I stop the lawn mower mid-cutting because I see a snow cone truck coming down my street!  Did you know that was a thing? Snow cone trucks must be the new ice cream truck! Growing up, I lived in too remote of a neighborhood for the ice cream truck to come down my street, so this was a REALLY BIG DEAL. My inner kid alarm was going off the charts.

I raced into the house to notify my boyfriend (who is a few years older than I am). He injured his ankle earlier this week, so by the time he hobbled out the door, the snow cone truck was already at the end of our block. We decided we really wanted it, so he gave me his credit card, and I ran after the truck.  I just want you to take a moment to picture this – a 27 year old, supposedly grown adult, is running after a snow cone truck. And my neighbors were definitely in their front yards to witness it. 🙂 By the time I flag down the truck, three little kids join me, and a few more are on their way. In a weird way, it made be ultra-aware of my “adultiness”.  Are adults allowed to have snow cones??

When I returned back to my boyfriend, we had a good laugh that I chased the truck and was surrounded by little kids. Then, he reminded me that the entire line was full of little kids, including me! 😉 And inner kid Kimmy was very happy.

After my snow cone, I spent the next couple hours finishing the lawn, and I am EXHAUSTED. I forget that mowing is essentially working out – I think I’m going to skip the gym tomorrow to rest!

Mowing the lawn was not as big of a success as other parts of the day were. I did get it done (in record slow time). At one point, I decided to take out some frustration on a plant that had decided to grow in the middle of the grass.  We had some mulched area nearby, but this little guy decided to grow up in the grass anyways. A responsible adult probably would have shifted around the plant, but I said to hell with it and mowed right over it! This is actually pretty hilarious because I found out later that I had mowed right over a tulip plant!! It was in my way, and I mowed it down!! I’m a weird combination of slightly ashamed and sort of super impressed with myself about this…

The remnants of the tulip plant
The remnants of the tulip plant

I apologize for the birds eye and zoomed-in view. I took this after I finished mowing. I was so exhausted, I didn’t want to climb back down to the backyard, so I took it from the deck.

I also spotted a pretty blue robin egg while mowing. I took this photo while it was intact. When I returned later, the egg had been broken into and eaten! I guess that’s the circle of life.  Poor little guy didn’t stand a chance.

The coloring is so beautiful!!
The coloring is so beautiful!!

So, after quite a long 3 month hiatus, today had so many fun and funny things about it, that I felt compelled to write! 🙂  It’s nice being back! I stopped writing because I wasn’t really finding a theme or way to attract people to the site. And I was a little concerned with this being on the great wide web for eternity. I don’t think I’ll pressure myself into writing all the time or make this into a sophisticated brand (at least not at this time), but I will continue writing when the nerve strikes.  So, thank you for reading, and I hope you got a little enjoyment at the continued battle of adult Kimmy versus kid/lazy Kimmy 🙂